Top 5 Ways to Make Money As a Wildlife Photographer

September 28, 2018. by

• Creating unique artwork for clients

Through my website I sell wildlife fine art photography allowing me to gain exposure and work with some amazing clients. Everyone has a space on their wall that requires a piece of artwork.

• Publications

This is happening all too often, an email or a phone message because a publisher wants to pick up one of my images for use. The most recent one Outdoor Photographer Magazine gave me a 1/2 page publication on an image. What lead to this contact and publication was submitting my images to contests the more you get your work out there the better off you will be. You can submit images to magazines for publication though because of how busy editors are you may not hear back from them but keep trying!

• Create Unique Products

Every Christmas I create unique products with my photography from calendars to custom photo mounted greeting cards. This allows me to further spread the word about my photography and share the images I capture.

• Try Something New

There are many ways to make money from photography but you have to be willing to try something new. I have branched off into creating a YouTube channel in the means to reach a wider audience. It allows me to be creative and share my adventures and connect with people from around the world. Though it is time consuming I enjoy it too much to give it up!

• Stick With What You Are Passionate About!

Stick with what you are passionate about and before you know it your work with be featured around the world.

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